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This is a website where you can get free royalty free music.

This is another website where you can get free royalty free music. Just be sure to check the rules for music use.

This is another website where you can find quality free stock videos, stock music, and templates.

This website not only has free stock footage but also has free backgrounds for ZOOM as well.

This is where you can get free stock videos. Please keep in mind, not all videos are free here and some you do have to pay for. 


This is absolutley, without a doubt the best website I can recommend for content creators. What do you get here? Templates, presets, stock footage, royalty free music, video overlays, motion graphics, and much more. For the money, this can't be beat in my opinion.

The one product we can personally recommend is a plugin called BEAUTY BOX. If you're concerned about wrinkles, pimples, and uneven skin tone then this is the product you need. It's basically digital makeup that can smooth out some of those flaws. They've also got other great products worth checking out as well.

I cannot say enough good things about this plugin. It will absolutely save you from grainy footage that's unusable. 

This is one of the sites where we get our royalty music from. They have a great selection to fit the mood, genre, or video theme.

This is a great place to get all kinds of video gear and equipment. 

This is another website to go to for gear and electronics. They've also got a blog with helpful resources as well.


Thanks for checking out this section right now. We created it because a lot of people ask what gear we use and where we get it from. Well, most of the time we get it from Amazon. For many years this is the place we go because it's the best. They've always had everything we've ever needed and it gets delivered very quickly, of course. 

One thing we like to do is plan for items and then stalk them on Amazon. If you stay vigilant, the price inevitibly goes down and you can snag some great deals. We've saved thousands of dollars on equipment just by being patient and regularly checking Amazon for lowered prices. 


Since we are a big fan of Amazon products we are now an Amazon Affiliate. The links below are referred to as affiliate links, and clicking on one of them may result in us earning money if you decide to buy the product. Every single one of these items listed below has been tested by us and has our seal of approval. We're all about sharing our recommendations so you can make informed buying decisions. The money earned through our affiliate links is just another way to earn a little extra income so we can continue doing what we love and connecting you to the right resources. We hope you find this helpful. Thank you!



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